QuickBooks Review 2018 | Key Things to Know Before You Start



Top QuickBooks Pros


Full suite of features

QuickBooks is the leader of the accounting software pack when it comes to features, offering everything you are likely to ever need from your accounting software.


Widely used, and a popular choice for accountants

Given that QuickBooks is so popular globally, it's easy to find most information you'll likely need online through its online community of users.


Best reporting feature

Quickbooks offers the ability to easily run a wide range of quality reports at the click of a few buttons, which in turn makes monitoring business performance dead easy!

Top QuickBooks Cons


Sometimes not the easiest to use

Given the complexity of QuickBooks, it can sometimes feel that day-to-day processes take longer than they should, especially when compared to the ease of use of FreshBooks and Zoho Books. Sometimes the choices available can get overwhelming!


Mobile app lacking

Compared to peers, the QuickBooks mobile app offers a very limited range of features. This means that its not the ideal choice for business owners who prefer to do their accounting on the go via mobile.


Pricing model

QuickBooks offers a 50% discount for 6 months if you decide to forgo the free trial. In my opinion, this isn't the best business practice, as it suggests that they're only focused on building their customer base above everything else. It's very important that you use the free trials to make sure the software you choose is the right one for your business needs, rather than choosing based on impulsive discounts and offers - the best accounting software companies understand this. 

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